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Wix Partner
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Wix Partner

Great in Wix websites.

Everything starts with a great website and a great website starts By Marko.

With the right knowledge and creativity, you achieve the best result.

Wix web design
Velo coding
Editor X web design

By Marko consists of a team of creative designers, Wix and Editor X experts and smart Velo programmers. Together with our clients, we look for the best online solution for his or her company, product or service.


We are happy to help you with the development of your website and/or creative concept.

We think Wix
Wix website lateb maken

Why choose a Wix website?

Wix is a user-friendly platform for your to build your professional and unique website.  Because of Wix's drag-and-drop editor, you don't need any technical or coding knowledge.

Wix SEO Google

I want to be found better.

Everyone wants to be at the top of Google. But how do you get there? Together with Wix, we provide the best SEO solutions for your website so that your company, product or service is found well by Google and other search engines.

We are 5 star Wix Partner.

The By Marko team has more than 15 years of experience in Wix and, as a certified Wix Partner, they are specialists in designing and building Wix websites and online marketing solutions.

Wix Partner Nederland
Wix Partner Nederland
Website verbeteren

I want to improve my website.

If you already have your own Wix website but you are not 100% satisfied, then upgrade your current site with our Wix Optimal package. We ensure that your website functions optimally and is found well in Google.

Mobiele website Wix

Why By Marko?

Simply because you deserve the best website! The By Marko team consists of the Wix experts from the Netherlands and Belgium specialized in designing and building professional and user-friendly websites. We have been working with Wix for years. Our websites areuniqueand are custom made, especially for you (and your customers)! challenge usand we make the best website for youcompany.

The Magic of Editor X.
Are you ready for it?

Editor X is a lot more complex than the original Wix editor. But if you really want to go for design and responsive layouts, let our Editor X experts design your website.


The possibilities are endless and with Editor X you really get the most out of your web design experience. Are you ready for the future of Web design?

EditorX By Marko
Wix België
Creative concept.webp

Partner in creative concepts.

Everything stands or falls with a creative concept. Who are you, what do you sell and for whom? Our creative team will help you develop and design a unique and successful online or offline concept. Let's go...


Great that you found By Marko.

Do you need help with a Wix website, do you want to build a new website or do you want to use our programmers or designers, just contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Ervaring in Wix
15 years +

Experience in designing and building websites


650 +