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Easily manage your own blog or vlog with By Marko and Wix.

Let's get social.

Je eigen blog maken met Wix

Easily manage your own blog or vlog.

Are you a foodie, fashionista, music fan, business associate or professional traveller? Whatever your passion, we can create a top blog or vlog for you to easily share your interests, adventures, photos and prose with the rest of the world.

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Everything you need for your blog.

Blog editor

With our blogeditor you easily write new messages and change previously made designs.​

Social media

Reach a wider audience by making it easy for your visitors to share your messages on social media.


Post your messages in tags and categories so that everything remains clear.


Turn every message into a masterpiece! Put as many photos and videos in the spotlight as you want.

Reageren op berichten

Let readers respond to your messages and talk to them.

HTML codes

Use HTML codes to, for example, add special forms to your messages.

De best videos.

A vlog is a video version of the traditional blog. Present yourself or your company in an original way and reach a large audience. Put your company fully in 'the picture' with a great website with videos and vlogs.


Promote your messages.

We take care of the layout of your e-mails so that you can keep readers informed of new messages, videos, special events and more.


Of course all our websites are 100% responsive. This gives your users an optimal experience on every screen and type of device (desktop, tablet and mobile).

Do you want to become a real blogger or vlogger?

Let us know.

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