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The best SEO for your website

De beste SEO met een Wix website
De beste SEO met een Wix website

With Wix you effectively optimize your website for search engines such as Google so that people can easily find your website. Wix works together with Google so that you can easily and quickly use Google Search console can index your website in less than 30 seconds.

'Wix users can see their website directly in the search results.

There is no waiting time, you are directly on Google '

Meta tags

Meta tags are descriptions, titles or keywords that people see when they perform a search. With Wix, you can optimize all your titles and descriptions using relevant keywords that your target audience uses while searching.

Heading tags

A header or title at the top of each page tells the website visitor what to expect. Optimize these heading tags with the correct search terms and give them the correct priority (H1).


Hyperlinks are a great way to improve your SEO. A hyperlink is a link to other pages in the website or to other websites and links from another website to your website.

Alt text

Give the images in your website the correct Alt text so that Google can find it.

Optimization for mobile

Google values websites that are optimized for mobile. That is why Wix uses a separate editor for mobile so that you can make your website optimally mobile-friendly.

301 redirects

Bring old traffic to your new website. If your previous website was built on a platform other than Wix, 301 redirects will ensure that your old search history is maintained.

Integrate Google Analytics

Keep track of where your visitors come from and what their behavior is like on your website.

Create your own blog

A blog is good for the findability (SEO) of your website. With Wix blog you can easily create and manage your own blog and you can share your messages via social media.

Content is king

Perfect SEO texts (content) are very important for SEO. You write good SEO text in the first place for the visitors of your website. Ask yourself the following questions:

- What is the purpose of the page?

- Who am I writing for?

- What do I hope the visitor does on the page?

- What am I going to adjust if the visitor doesn't?

If you are not able to write texts yourself, use a copywriter. He or she can help you perfectly with good SEO texts.

Optimizing your website for SEO

If you need help with the findability of your website or if you want to know more about SEO, please contact the Wix SEO experts at By Marko. They are happy to help you and ensure that you are found well.

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