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Ordering online or making a reservations is very easy with Wix.

From takeway to 5-star restaurant.

Websites for every taste.

Pizzeria, bistro, café or 5* restaurant owner? We can create the perfect and most stylish website for you. Easy to administer, with clear menus, online ordering, reservations and much more...

Restaurant website laten maken in Wix

The best menu.

Let customers enjoy your menu. Easily place classic dishes, new creations and prizes. We give the menu the style and atmosphere that fits your company.

Easy reservation.

Let customers reserve a table on your site with apps like OpenTable and Guestful or Wix restaurant. We provide more satisfied customers with less hassle.

Wix Nederland

Order online.

Add dishes, decide how to pay, indicate where there is delivery and put everything online. With our online ordering system, customers can place an order anytime, anywhere and on any device - directly on your website.


Of course all our websites are 100% responsive. This gives users an optimal experience on every screen and type of device (desktop, tablet and mobile).

Afhalen via Wix website

Do you want a website that provides more satisfied customers?

Let us know.

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