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Sendcloud Wix

The # 1 App for shipping with DHL, PostNL, DPD, UPS and more.

Next level shipping for Wix web shops.

Save time and optimize your shipping process.

This manual operation is a thing of the past with Sendcloud. Within Sendcloud you connect your Wix shop with our platform plug & play. As a result, Sendcloud automatically translates the correct label that is needed to "process the logistics" order. Instead of that it takes about 10 minutes to process an order, with Sendcloud it takes less than 2 minutes. If you want to generate multiple labels at the end of the day, you can easily generate all labels by selecting them all and then printing them in bulk.

Shipping with Wix webshop

Use multiple carriers.

Sendcloud has developed considerably in recent years and has added many carriers, marketplaces, ERP systems and CMS systems, all of which are plug & play available. So simply select your favorite and most suitable carriers and use our rates or simply upload your own contract from a carrier.

You can imagine that some orders with a certain weight, destination, shop status, order value or size need a different label. For example: PostNL letterbox package for small items or a DHL or DPD label if you want to transport to Germany. Indicate via shipping rules what your preference is per situation and automate this process! This removes your margin of error and Sendcloud does the thinking for you! Another advantage may be that you can take advantage of Sendcloud's rates. We also facilitate a pick-up for the customer with a carrier, of course we offer this for free in the onboarding.

Package shipping with Wix
Shipping Costs Wix
Package shipping with Wix
Pakket verzenden met Wix

Take your webshop to a higher level with By Marko in combination with Sendcloud.

Personalize your track & trace environment.

Most web shops have been delivered to the track & trace environment of the carrier. This is precisely the moment when an online consumer is most connected to his order.

A great moment to work on brand loyalty or to create an upsell / cross sell. With the branded track & trace mails you can easily personalize every step of the shipping process in your own house style, text and languages of the country to which the article is sent.


If you want to take your shopping experience to an even higher level, activate and personalize the branded track & trace page. This is a separate landing page after the customer clicks on "track your order". On this page you can also exhibit your Instragram account in combination with with a banner to promote the new collection or sale.

TrackTrace met Wix webshop

Increase your conversion and keep customers with your return policy.

67% of online consumers check the way in which they can return, among other things, when visiting a webshop. You can easily activate the returns portal within your Sendcloud account. Within this portal you can determine the reasons for return, the costs, the carriers, the number of days and you can organize this in your own house style.


The online consumer can digitally register their returns by following 4 simple steps. It then generates a return label itself. You can also find your returns in a separate overview "returns" in the homepage of your Sendcloud account. That way you know exactly what will be returned when!

Package shipping

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Find out how you can save minutes per order on picking, packing and printing shipping labels while increasing shop conversion in your Wix webshop.

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