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  • Is your web page suitable for mobile devices?

    Take the test and discover how easily a visitor can use your website on a mobile device.

  • How often are your keywords searched?

    Discover the popularity and trends of keywords. What is trending in the world right now?

  • Make sure you are found locally.

    Grab attention with a free profile on Google My Business so your customers can find you.

  • What is the speed of your Wix website?

    If you wants to know how fast your Wix website loads, use the Speed test tool from Wix Turbo.

  • How many word does my text consist of?

    The correct number of words can be important for optimal indexing. Count words easily and quickly...

  • The smart way to do business online.

    Connect with your visitors, automate your work and expand your business with Ascend by Wix.

  • Easily copy and paste glyphs.

    Easily copy and paste special characters and symbols (also called glyphs) into any document.

  • Find fonts used by global brands.

    Do you want to know which font is used by a well-known brand or logo?

    Find out here.

  • Free beautiful high resolution photos
    to download. 

    Choose from over 1.5 million free photos to give your website more color and experience.

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