Together with Wix, we provide the best SEO for your website.

Search Engine Optimization.

Is my website well found by Google?

Your website is designed by us so that people can easily find you online. Our SEO experts ensure that your website is immediately included in the most relevant Google search results. We link your website to Google Analytics and Google search Console so that you are always aware of visitor traffic on your website. If you want to know more about the possibilities of SEO, please contact us or use our Wix SEO Scan.



Very important for SEO are perfect SEO texts (content). You write a good SEO text on the first place for the visitors of your website. Ask yourself the following questions:

- What is the purpose of the page?

- For whom do I write?

- What do I hope the visitor does on the page?

- What will I change if the visitor does not?

If you are unable to write texts yourself, use a copywriter. He or she can perfectly help you with good SEO texts.


Before you really can get started with SEO it is important to know on which keywords you want to be found. Use the Google Adwords keyword planner to discover which keywords best suit your website and your business.

Wix SEO Scan.

If you already have a Wix website but you want to know how your website will be found better. Just have your website checked by our experts. We check your website on the most important SEO optimisation points and give you advice on how your website will be better found by the major search engines.

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