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Combine web design with SEO if you want to win with your website.

When it comes to building effective and targeted websites, SEO and web design go hand in hand. A beautiful website that doesn't rank on search engines like Google won't generate the traffic you expect. Similarly, if you have SEO set up properly, but the website doesn't meet visitors' expectations, it won't convince people to make a purchase or contact you. Therefore, offering these services as a package deal such as the Wix Optimal package is often more than worthwhile.

A Wix website design that meets expectations

The most important task for search engines is customer experience, or rather relevance. Google prioritizes content that matches your intent as closely as possible, without having to return to search results. Preventing bounce-back is why web design is so important.

With every click on the site, you want to assure visitors that they are in the right place. How often does it happen that you search for something, click through and the experience doesn't meet your expectations? If you're not sure if a Web site offers what you need you move on to search again.

Ensuring that visitors can easily navigate your website

should be a top priority.

A user-friendly design takes into account page responsiveness, load times, branding, experience and user experience. It is crucial that your web design is top quality and meets visitors' expectations. But a well-designed site is only half the battle.

The power of SEO

Google can't see things, it can only interpret what it gets. Some of the ways Google interprets your information is by using the right keywords, meta descriptions and making sure the site is mobile-friendly, among other things.

You can have beautiful images, great backgrounds and cool videos on your website - but if Google has no idea what it is, then there's really no point. When you design a website, it is important to consider rules of SEO because it directly affects how you develop and design the website.

Wix Optimal

If you want to get the most out of the combination of web design with the right SEO settings let us upgrade your Wix website through our Wix Optimal package. With Wix Optimal we completely review the website and adjust it where necessary. The layout, the experience and the usability of the website are adjusted so that the website better suits the target audience and the user and can generate more conversion. We improve the loading speed and we check and optimize the general settings. We ensure that the SEO settings are improved so that the website is better indexed The mobile version of the website is adjusted and tailored to the user etc.. For more information about Wix Optimal click here.



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