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Grow your business with Ascend by Wix

Ontdek Ascend by Wix en laat je bedrijf groeien.
Ontdek Ascend by Wix en laat je bedrijf groeien.

When it comes to online business, having a professional website made is just the beginning. With Ascend by Wix you can manage and grow your business online. Via the dashboard of your website you can connect with site visitors, manage customer relationships and promote your products and services. Very clear and all from one place.

Connect and manage clearly

The following tools allow you to effortlessly manage your customers, collect leads and build new relationships;


Connect with visitors via live chat. Answer questions directly to increase sales online.


Create custom forms, surveys and quizzes to collect leads and testimonials.


Manage all your communications in one place. Respond to messages and orders.

Contact manager

Keep track of your contacts, add labels and notes. This keeps everything organized and you can offer excellent customer service.


Make your website work for you. Automatically set up actions so that your website can collect new leads 24/7.

Online invoices

Create, send and manage your invoices online. Let your customers pay online easily and track all your payments from your dashboard.


Organize and manage your activities in a handy to-do list.

Promote and grow

Wix offers various tools to grow your products and services such as SEO Wiz, Email marketing, social posts, video maker, coupons and marketing integrations.

Discover Ascend

If you want to grow your business and are interested in the many possibilities of Ascend by Wix, please contact By Marko. They are happy to help you.


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